Sundays @ the X


Picking up a gluestick that’s been lying around in my room since who-knows-when was a clear sign that it was time to let go…of junk.

I’ve had what most would refer to as organized clutter, and I can name them appropriately if there was any need:

  • Shoebox maze
  • Readables (books, magazines, pulled-out newspaper articles)
  • Everything else that can be piled up

It’s not easy to forego of things that once meant something to me—books that made me cry, CDs that were soundtracks to my teenage years, my favorite brown shirt, and scents that remind me of my first albeit naive love. Of course, I still kept many things that are more than just static physical objects now, as they have become reminders that carry their own stories only I could share.

Fast forward from the little drama, I decided it was time for some things to be treasured by another room, hand or heart. I paid the P250 for a space that was a parking slot at Cubao X, and set up my table. Below are items I put up for sale, but remained untouched until early afternoon.


You can sell ANYTHING (except those that the organizer has not allowed). I’m not saying people will buy, but yeah, someone just might take interest in your video documentaries, scented candles, picture frames, shoes, bags, pens, lamps, or rulers.

It pays to bring an umbrella and enough loose change if you don’t want to be toasted (or rained on) and if you want to save yourself the hassle of running around to break a bill, respectively.

Tip: If you see something you like from another seller, get it the moment you touch it. It’s usually very good bargain, because twice I walked away from probable purchases, twice I ended up empty-handed when I decided to come back. And that was a matter of MINUTES.

What was most interesting for me during the weekend market were the conversations that took place: a well-dressed middle-aged woman from the next space sharing with me her relentless hope for love despite being separated; and a guy who looked like John Lennon, from whom I bought two DVDs from, who talked to me about mind and knowledge and power and movies, and whom I didn’t even realize was one of the great rock guitarists in the country.

Pretty neat for a word-of-mouth Sunday market, don’t you think?


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