Monthly Archives: March 2010

There are a few things I am meant to do alone.

For a little over a month or two, I’ve been wanting to check out an exhibit of vintage dresses by SLIM at the National Museum. When I first read about the exhibit in the newspaper, in my mind I had to run through which among my friends would likely want to accompany me in this not-so-usual activity. Although I’ve planned my visit a few moons before, it was always delayed for one of these reasons: My prospective friends to take are unavailable, I have tasks to do during my free time, I just didn’t feel like going.

The pleasant afternoon finally came. Today, I finally decided to go and have the museum trip by myself.  The dresses were such lovely works of art. Of course, being a woman heightened my appreciation for them. There was such variety and innovation in her pieces–think of  French silk, organza, chiffon, brocades, straws, beads, pleats, bows, triangle forms, and asymmetry, just to name a few of the elements she used to make those elegant dresses. I noticed that she likes using one big fabric with minimal stitching, and looking closely I also observed how she likes to place bows in unexpected locations, such as the bottom of of a long gown. Although any designer can use these materials, it was her avant-garde ideas of combining colors, shapes and textures that made the difference.

The exhibit was such a feast for my eyes, mind and heart. It can really take you from here and now back to the 1960’s. Although one must refrain from touching, I could not help but run my fingers lightly on this one creation–the bridal gown worn by First Daughter Linda Garcia Campos. What was so special about it was the delicately spread out 18-yard train with intricately sewn floral embroidery. Although the whole 18 yards was not preserved, it was no less lovely.

There is something reassuring about having a good time without having to take anybody. Surely no man is an island as the old saying goes, but there are times when spending time alone is a way of discovering myself all the more. It makes me feel like I can do anything, with or without company.