Monthly Archives: June 2010

Late-night cravings—or any sudden cravings for that matter—are the most agonizing, especially when you know you can’t have them in the next few hours from the moment they stimulated your hypothalamus. If it happens after midnight at home, you sleep; no delivery and transportation, you wait the next day; not available; you imagine. That’s when I decided I should learn to make them on my own.
It wasn’t easy convincing my mom and grandma to let me cook. No dear, just go on and play with your cooking set, go make us some soup. Ooh, so exciting. I can make soup without using any water. Eventually, I reached the age when they’ve accepted the fact that I will have to know how to operate real kitchen appliances.
My first time was with potatoes. I’d make anything I can with that one root crop I will always find in the veggie compartment of the refrigerator. I had to make do with what was available, you see; hence, mashed potatoes, french fries and mojos. After my first taste of cooking, definitely I had to make something else aside from patata craziness. Wait…what’s this? The cupboard under the gas stove is an oven?! Yowza! Certainly used less than five times, dormant for more than a decade and being used as a storage place, I decided to bring it back to life.
From baking cookies, dessert pies, mac and cheese, and thin-crust pizzas to cooking steak, chicken crispers (Chili’s inspired and school canteen motivated), japanese potato salad, and pasta dishes, it’s been a good journey. Now that I think about it, I should have taken more photos of my past creations—better than enumerating them now—but when you’re the cook, it’s just too hard not to take bites here and there even before everything’s done. Say hello to my most recent creation:

New York Cheesecake

Would you look at that. The contrast of textures from the dense, creamy, smooth, and cheesy(need I emphasize more) cake as you dig your fork down to the sweet and buttery graham crust(I know, I must sound smug right now and it’s probably not the most appealing cheesecake you’ve seen, but how can I not be proud for making something usually bought per slice, while I have a whole pan in front of me?). Sure enough, my cheesecake had its share of surface bubbles and tiny cracks, but does it matter when the piece is in your mouth and has touched your taste buds?
It only takes a visit to All Recipes and you’ve got what you need for your trip. Cooking, baking and eating is like traveling when you get a taste of other cultures through food. When you’ve got the right recipe, ingredients and enough passion to prepare it, there’s no better way to experience food than to make it.