Monthly Archives: December 2010

Every moment that day was magnified and savored. It’s more than just the last day of classes, the last day of the term, or of the year—it was my last day as a student in De La Salle University. Most of our lives we’ve been students, and half the time we express how much we want it to be over. I’m sure we meant it for all the instances it was said, but what makes school bearable is everything that’s not a requirement (although admittedly I do enjoy some academic requirements): good friends, awesome professors, cool classes, all-nighters, food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic activities, seeing your crush, walking down hallways, sitting on green benches, and everything else that makes it worth remembering. They say the real world comes after college, but I say college is real enough.

View from corner where I sit when I'm alone

Goodbye ol' football field, glad to have stepped on your grass before you become pavement

Miguel Walk

Goodbye Agno, thanks for lunch and candies

Night at the Rooftop