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Everyone brushes their teeth. I know that. Anybody who can afford some toothpaste and a toothbrush does this.

Around the house, we all do this after meals, just like most households do. But we can’t stay put in front of the sink. It runs in the family. We just have to move around, and that includes me. This is how it happens: from the cup that holds our brushes, I take the green one, and squeeze out some red minty gel onto the bristles. I run it under the tap for less than a second, and put it in my mouth. I start brushing my teeth…and then I get bored.

Different things can happen in the next few minutes, but one thing’s for sure: I have to walk around. And this takes me to places. I can go to the living room, sit on a couch and see what’s on the telly. Sometimes, I even try to start a conversation with my mom. “Whatssch dhij yo do thodjay?” “What?” And I have to repeat.

Seriously, the most boring thing to do while brushing your teeth is to stare into a sink or a mirror and wait to finish. Why waste your time and stand for the next two or three minutes, when you can do it while a) watching the news b) taking a leak c) sitting down?

Whenever I am staying over at someone’s house, and I have to brush my teeth within those four walls and pretend my feet are cemented to the ground just so I can show some manners, the truth is I am really itching to head for the bedroom and join whatever board game is being played at the moment.