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My palette

Having a 64-crayon pack from Crayola was a treasure to me as a kid. It’s got all these fascinating albeit unnecessary colors in a box that has a built-in sharpener. More than the number of colors you can find, it is their names that make the colors more amusing. Where else can you find shades like thistle, cornflower and sea green?

Well I’m 20 now and I’d still like to have a cool new crayon set, but college has introduced me to a different kind of Crayola: Coastal Scents.

This is all my friend B. Li’s fault. She has this power to turn your ignorance and nonchalance towards makeup into pure excitement. It all started with a conversation about makeup that led her to tell me about You Tube makeup tutorials…which led me into buying that 88 color shimmer palette.

Just like the Crayola set I had, it is highly unlikely that I’ll be  able to use all the shades in my palette, but for now it’s enough to get me creative with colors again. Makeup is not an everyday essential to me, not even pressed powder. More often now though I put a little something, but I will always delight in days when my face is nude and still feel beautiful.

Anyway, I’ve got all the colors I need!