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I’ve had a clean slate from day one of 2013, and swept from that slate included my first ever day job. Looking back at my goals for the supposed last year before the world melts away, I’ve only done one out of three. I can blame this on a number of things—throw myself in.

I’ve occasionally expressed that I want to run a business, but I never really had the time to think about it, more so to move forward from mind to paper to its actual existence, when I’m in front of the computer emailing clients all day. What I did to make it up to myself was squander the rest of the night’s hours for amusement and some sleep.

This year, I’m proud to say I have not bummed since the first of January. I’ve been maximizing—even too much sometimes—what time I have control of now. I’ve incorporated discipline into the weekly skeleton I crafted; without this, I’d still be sleeping at 3AM, waking up lunchtime and accomplishing nothing of the baby project I’m working on as I write this.

Each day is still a work day for me—rise and shine at nine, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, sleep at 1AM latest (still struggling), and do one or many of the following in between:

  • Watch and read up on craft tutorials, design, life, drying time of glue, and everything potentially relevant to my plans
  • Read the morning paper
  • Check out materials and visit suppliers
  • Cook
  • Meet a friend
  • Exercise (semi-true)

Productivity is key. Ideas, plans and wishes remain abstract without action. Frankly it can be tiresome, especially when I fail to put a limit to my daily workload and balance it with leisure, but thinking about how it leads to my personal goals just ignites the enthusiasm I could not attain for the big chunk when I felt jaded.

Here’s a glimpse of my domino tile project:

Liquor love


It’s small scale for the time being, but I will gradually create a brand that carries handcrafted items, down the line exploring papers and colors and patterns and textures. I truly feel this will be the outlet I’ve been looking for, as one who is wooed by design, hoping my endeavors will feed me one day.

I am scared and excited. A college professor once told our class that nervousness and excitement bring about the same physiological feelings, and the positivity or negativity of the feelings we experience depends on how we perceive them as emotions. Best way to deal with anxiety? Try swapping it with excitement—maybe it wasn’t anxiety after all!

Right now, all I can say is that January has taught me way more than I could ever learn in months.

It all started with a friend’s revenge.

Anyone who makes a purchase and finds out he or she bought it for a price twice as much would certainly feel duped. This is exactly what happened to P when she bought sunglasses, so after a little contemplation she decided to buy a dozen more of the lesser cost, put up an online shop and sold them for a higher price. To keep the shop interesting, she invited me and another friend to join and share the site with her, which we did. I started off with six colorful bags, and oh, the joy of selling your first and last item and those in between! Needless to say, one will need to find new things when it’s all been sold, and that is how it got going.

A year or so after, I decided to put up my own site and sold fashion accessories mostly. There are a number of reasons why selling online is favorable: You don’t need to pay rent for a space, pay tax or be time bound. I can only sell so much in a period of time, but I can’t expect it all to be gone in one go. It takes more patience, and together with that are the occasional arduous tasks of looking for new products, posting them online, checking and updating the inventory, and shipping the items to buyers. Even with all those inevitable tasks, it’s not a big deal. With those small accessories, I’ve earned enough to go on a shopping spree. Hell, I can take myself on a trip to a nearby country in Asia for a few days! Of course, this means I have not spent my online shop savings for anything yet, but it’s okay if it’s for something bigger. So whenever I express that I’m bankrupt on school days, it’s not entirely true and it’s not entirely false.

Amazing how the little trinkets I sell can already aid in my future travel plans, no? For now, I’m still waiting for your order form.