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What does a blurry eyesight see? A clear picture of the matter (scientifically speaking) right in front of it.

Bokeh photography

With a vision of about -4.00, what would I ever do without my glasses? Although it is almost impossible for me to make out what those distant blobs of color are, I catch a glimpse of something way cooler that only I can appreciate. In photography jargon, I see a subject on the foreground in focus with a background utilizing a shallow depth of field. All I spot is the ant on my straw, the rest is a blur. It’s as if I am watching a moving picture and focusing on it, giving this little ant all the attention it deserves in its lifetime, at that specific moment. My eyes are lenses that provide me with a singular way of perceiving things, letting me appreciate what is literally right in front of me.

If nearby beauty can be realized, so can it be with the background. Think it’s awesome to take shots of vibrant lights using an out-of-focus lens? Well, I don’t need to look through one just to see the same thing. To witness a play of scattering lights and overlapping vivid colors, I do not need such equipment.

It all sounds too optimistic for something that most people consider a flaw; but truly, imperfections can bring splendor.