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If you think some circumstances can only happen on the big screen, you’re right, but exclude being left by a plane.

Last week, I was bound to leave for Boracay and you know what happened next.

Day 1: Missed the flight and booked for another one the next day. Despite the pouring rain, I decided to drive that night and spend the money, supposedly for some island seafood, on a hearty dinner with my mom and sis instead.
Day 2: Flight delayed for three hours, and this was after some lengthy canvassing the day before on which flight to take. Good choice, good choice.
Half Day 3: Slept


But it was all worth it, even with the reduced number of days spent stepping on white sand. It was an amusing way to spend half of the getaway, and with no sarcasm I say this. Obviously this not something I wish for to happen again, but what’s the next picture?