The Word Nice

It’s the nicest word to use when you have nothing better to say. It’s tossed around often, but not as sickening as the very loathsome word ‘like’ in every, like, sentence—probably because nice is a subtle and indirect lifesaver. And just like a hanky or a skill, this word is very handy in various circumstances.

Mostly this word is used to deviate from awkwardness. Someone shows you a drawing, an essay, or even a masterpiece—and what can you do? You are just not as impressed as he or she expects you to be. Hence, this is your cue to say with a slight nod coupled with a smile (the degree of which is at your disposal), that’s nice!

Second, it comes in handy when in conversation with another, and he or she blurts out things like I have a bug collection in my drawer or I like bananas out of context. In fact, I’ve written about this matter before for a required blog in one of my classes. It’s a template of how to address this situation.

Here’s an excerpt from that entry:

“You always start off by looking into her eyes with your mouth slightly open. Softly say ‘ahh’ while she is still talking. Nod a bit with your mouth shut or your lips pursed until she finishes.

When she’s done, give her a blank face and follow through by saying either of these two:

  • Nice to know!
  • Good for you!

Say both if you wish. Next, you combine it with any of the following:

  • Cannot live without knowing that fact!
  • Very informative!
  • You made my day!
  • That information just made my day!
  • That’s so inspirational!
  • It’s an honor to be blessed with such information!

Say it like you mean it. I suggest you also use hand gestures and try to look overwhelmed by the information that has been imparted to you.”

Well, this is good if sarcasm is a better option. This actually started as a joke among my friends.

Moving on, nice is your best bet for lack of a better word, especially if you have limited time to respond. Nice building! Nice job! Nice sneakers! Nice top! Nice place! Nice haircut! Nice day today, isn’t it! There are also enough pop songs containing the word, which aren’t so bad. An expanded vocabulary would make for a smarter-sounding—although not necessarily smarter—conversation, but ‘nice’ is convenient enough to be understood.

Last, this word is used when you genuinely mean what it expresses. Saying it often doesn’t make it as detestable as some overused words, because injecting it into conversations can only mean two things: something really is nice, or you’re just being nice.  At least it means something, in whatever sense that may be.

I have nothing against the word nice. I’m actually grateful for it, as I use it as often as I described it in this entry. It’s one word that yields satisfactory results when socializing. How many words can do that?

  1. Jen said:


  2. Okay steph, when you say “nice” from now on, ill just think your disinterested na. hahaha

    • Actually, now you have to think about that every time ANYONE says nice. haha i’m sure you use it just as much as I do!

  3. Hello Steph –

    Does that mean if someone tells me I’m a nice guy I get to throw tomatoes at them since they didn’t really act sincerely, lolol?! I like your post. :)

    • Yes, you get to throw tomatoes. Haha my point is it’s such a convenient word, whether it’s meant or otherwise. Thanks for dropping by! =)

      • Hi Steph –

        Ohhhh I was just teasing you ;). In America, the word “awesome” is frequently over used. (i.e.) “I just bought grapes on sale at the market.” reply: “OMG how awesome is that!!!” LOL….Yes it is good that you bought grapes on sale. But awesome….not so much.

        Please visit my funny blogs if you get some free time. I bet I can make you laugh there (I challenge you). ;) Happy Weekend to you. :)

  4. stephanieyap said:

    hey steph, steph here!!!!! let’s both update our blogs lol

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