I’m almost never tasked to make dinner, that’s why I always have to let my mom know beforehand if I plan to make a little mess in the kitchen, just like last Sunday.

Parmesan and Pepper Crusted Chicken

What you need: Chicken fillets, breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese, flour, eggs, and whatever spices you want to mix in

It goes through the usual coating drill: dipping the chicken fillets in flour, beaten eggs and the spiced breading for the crust. In this recipe, the crusting includes the breadcrumbs mixed with grated Parmesan cheese, crushed pepper and whatever McCormick seasonings we got around the cupboard (you know, those small glass bottles with green caps). Really, it’s up to you what spices you decide to put in; that’s all the difference it makes for any breaded meat. Next is frying ‘em, just a few minutes on each side of the crusted fillet ‘til the meat is cooked and the crust—just like any fried crust is supposed to look like—is golden brown. Finally top it with some edible leaves to make it look a bit ooh la la even if it turns out bad. And also so you’d have a reason to exclaim, “voilà!” right after you put the last leaf.

Realization of the day: I seriously need to invest on some cooking and baking materials. I’ve already got a mental list of kitchen tools that would make my cooking endeavors easier, and all of which I plan to have soon as my property: mortar and pestle, electric mixer, pizza cutter, pepper crusher, and a mezzaluna (it’s a knife with a curved blade and handles on both ends) which I’ve always coveted ever since I saw Nigella using it. Our pepper crusher was broken, so I grounded the whole round black peppers the archaic way—no, not even with a mortar and pestle, but with a mug and a chopping board, which I’d rather not elaborate on. In the meantime, it works!


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