She’d Rather

With the advent of the Internet, much of what we do involves being online, even if we only need to type a few words in notepad. In some classes, some teachers don’t even mind students having their laptops open, and the whole school is pretty much wired. Why does this classmate of mine then, keep playing solitaire?
She sits in the row in front of me, and I can see from her screen that default Microsoft Windows computer game. The first time I saw this, I figured that the internet connection must be down, but nooo…
In the succeeding classes we had, I can tell that her passion in life is to play solitaire. If she were president, she’d make all the citizens play solitaire. If she were the head of an academic institution, she would probably make it a sport. If she could eat cards…she probably would.
There’s so much to see and do onlineFacebook, Amazon, eBay, blogs, and other sites that keep you longer in front of the computer than you should be. Because she insists on playing that game, I can only deduce a sequence of reasons why she plays it:

1. She wants to play cards
2. She has no deck of cards
3. She has no one to play with
4. She likes to see all the cards jump across the screen when she wins (and don’t tell me you don’t know what I’m talking about)

No one can blame her. We all have our own addictions, like how I used to be addicted to Neopets until I donated my one million neopoints to my sister just to end my childish dream of becoming a neomillionaire. Would you believe that I started playing in fourth grade, and only gave up when I entered college? In her case, she likes to play a card game electronically. The question now is, why not play Freecell (or Hearts, or Minesweeper)?
  1. haha this is a cute entry! as i read your blogs i can imagine being in conversation with you! :))

  2. PERFECT STEPH! hahaha and yes i do know what you are talking about! when the card jumps sa screen when you win hahaha i guess that’s kind of euphoric for her. haha

    anyway this is great! i really love how you write! :D

  3. Yes Meg, I used to play Neopets A LOT.
    Phoebe: I’m glad you’ve won solitaire before. I’m not sure everyone knows about the jumping card/s haha!

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