Those Short Walks

Who would’ve thought you could get numerous benefits just by moving from point A to point B?

Blessed with long legs—nevermind the fact that I get bruises easily—I have the opportunity to grace the runways during fashion shows, from small to big ones. All I have to do is show up, sit around for hours, have myself made up to whatever look that’s needed for the night, don the outfit assigned to me, and wait for my turn to walk—that much preparation for less than a minute of walking with all eyes on you, but I’m not complaining. How can I complain when I get at least one of the following: cash, gift certificates, gift packs, clothes. Besides these material rewards, meeting new people is another perk.

I’m no professional, and from time to time, people ask me why I don’t turn it into a career. Here’s why: Because it’s not something I want to be known for. It will always be only one of the many things I do for fun, one of the many things I can do with walking.

*13May: This is a very timely post—I just found out yesterday that I made it in Philippine Fashion Week!

  1. Lara said:

    Wow, Congrats Steph! Have fun! :)

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