The Unknown Socialites

The popular. The famous. The wealthy. The glamorous. They are the socialites, but perhaps not the most sociable.

Years and years I have used a car to get myself to places. It wasn’t so long ago when I learned to drive one, and even so, it’s only on certain occasions that I do drive. I’ve reached countless destinations, and all thanks to the man behind the steering wheel. Yes, drivers–I think they are one of the most sociable people I’ve observed.

Their sociability is circumstantial. Drivers don’t have much of a choice, unless they just want to sleep in the car. I am referring specifically to personal or private drivers. They are compelled to take their employers here and there. Change (and of course driving) is something they need to get used to. Sometimes, there would be hours of idle time, which is always an opportunity for drivers to go talk to each other and compare whose employer is better. Drivers take their bosses around, but don’t bosses take their drivers around as well?

They are also witnesses to the lives of their employers. Their mouths are shut, but their eyes are open. They are more than just sociable; they are powerful. Anyway, that’s beside the point.

So just how sociable can a driver be? To illustrate, let me describe a family driver we once had: He honks the car horn, flashes the headlights or salutes the security guard, and we would enter private subdivisions without the trouble of leaving his license. He shows a tattoo near his thumb muscles and he gets away from police ticketing. Now that last one might have been more of a threat, but it’s a sign of him being part of a brotherhood.

For drivers, there is no need to climb social ladders; they just make friends and be buddies with whomever they meet, and they reap the benefits soon enough (and thanks to them, so do I).

  1. Lara said:

    Steph! You have a new blog na pala ;)

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