My Type

I like lists. I like them long. I might be called blasphemous for saying that I am not into planners. I just do not see myself being in the December hype of drinking coffee and collecting stickers to get that lovely planner everyone will eventually have. I really have nothing against it, but there are more reasons for me to choose a list over a planner as my life-long partner. I might as well list them down for the love of it.

1. No Limits

All I need is a place. In the bathroom, on the wall, in the kitchen–I can practically do it anywhere (to write a list, that is)! I could also just take out my handy dandy notebook and I’m good to go. Planners on the other hand limit me to a day, a week, and ultimately to a year.

2. Like Jelly Belly

Full of variety. It never fails to bore me. It gets me all excited. I have lists of the following:

  • Things to do for the day
  • Things to buy
  • Movies to watch
  • Books to read
  • Restaurants to check out
  • Summer plans
  • Ideas to write or talk about
  • Ingredients (for the next baking recipe)
  • My ultimate life list, which includes the following:
    • Have a custom-made swing  for me and my long legs
    • Spend a day with a stranger
    • Send a secret to PostSecret
    • See an Aurora Borealis
    • Travel
    • Learn to swim
    • Ride a calesa
    • See a shooting star

Of course the list goes a lot longer than that. While I’ve already ticked off a few things, others might have to wait for more birthdays to come.

3. Oh, The Pleasure of Ticking Off

No planner can ever give me such satisfaction.

My list, specifically my life list, keeps growing when I am inspired to do something new, which I am not capable of fulfilling at the moment. It reminds me that there is so much out there and how exciting life can be.  I feel a wee bit guilty for the times I have forgotten about what I have written on that list, but I’m sure there’s a perfect time in my life meant to explore each of them.

  1. mr.x said:

    having a list of things to do is really helpful! it helps you achieve any goal you want.

  2. Loretta said:

    A list is useless unless everything on the list is accomplished.

  3. Not all the time. I consider it more as a guide and a reminder. I wouldn’t want to pressure myself to finish everything on all the lists I have. Of course, the ideal is that I accomplish all these (especially my life list), which I am currently in the process of, even if I forget about them sometimes. And that’s exactly what lists are for.

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