Thanks for the Lotion

Every eighteenth birthday party of a girl must be memorable. With the company of good friends and family, she celebrates her coming of age. Besides that, one of the things to get excited about is receiving tons of gifts from your guests. It’s one of the fun experiences of having a debut, even if half of what you get is lotion.

Just like all other debuts I have attended, it wasn’t a surprise that the gift table during my own celebration was covered with The Body Shop gift packs. With papaya and strawberry scented body washes, lotions and loofahs, I could have a fruit stand in no time.

Among all the colorful and sweet-scented presents laid out, there was one gift worth noting: a 100-gram Nivea hand cream with its 99-peso price tag well adhered to the cap. I’m not complaning; I appreciate a gift of any size and price.

Unless you genuinely like collecting toiletries, it just goes to show how much people really know you. It’s not such a big deal. Maybe they do know you well, it’s just that they didn’t feel like making an effort to buy what you want. Perhaps they just don’t know what you want for your birthday, or maybe they ended up shopping for themselves, leaving you with the  last-minute-generic idea for a gift. At least you have five months worth of bathing and beauty supplies to yourself, and all you needed to do was treat them to good food for a night!


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